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Drama-Free Discipline

Together, we will learn how to:

  • Develop clear and consistent strategies for responding to misbehavior
  • Move from tantrum to tranquility by connecting and calming.
  • Apply the three “Brain C’s” and understand how neuroscience impacts your disciplinary decisions.
  • Practice tips to remain firm and consistent in your discipline, while communicating with warmth, love, respect, and compassion.
  • Teach your child life lessons on how to relate to others, how to handle difficult situations, and how to control emotions and impulses.
  • Engage with the interactive format, journaling to integrate ideas into your parenting approach.

How to Create a Tech-Healthy, Tech-Happy Family


Join us for a workshop that will address how to manage technology in your family life. We will explore some of the relevant research literature as well as provide specific questions for you to consider your goals, values, and desires regarding technology. You will leave with a concrete action plan that fits YOUR family and will inspire you to be mindful about the everyday decisions you are making about the screens in your home and life.

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