Dr. Natinsky offers presentations regarding a variety of topics. While this list contains a few popular titles, she will customize a presentation for your group (e.g., parents, teachers, community members, etc.) as well. Click here to see her presentation offerings.

How To Keep Your Parental Cool in the Heat of the Moment

Screens – How To Create a Tech-Healthy, Tech-Happy Family 1.0

How to Grow a Growth Mindset

The Identification and Treatment of Dyslexia

Brain Bits – Better Your Brain for Work and Play

Drama-Free Discipline

Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility – A 3-Pronged Approach

Rock-A-Bye Baby: The Importance of Sleep for Children & Adolescents

There’s No “Selfish” in Self-Care

School Choice and Navigating Relationships with Your Child’s School

Hitting, Biting, & Whining, Oh My!

Q & A with a Child and School Psychologist

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Dr. Natinsky offers a free 20-minute consultation phone call in order to gather some information about your needs and answer any questions you may have. With this information, she can determine whether her practice is an appropriate fit for your needs. If so, you may move forward with scheduling an appointment. If not, she will provide referrals to other professionals who may be a better fit for you and your needs.

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During your first appointment, Dr. Natinsky will learn about your family – the strengths, the challenges, and the goals you have for your family. In this session, the roadmap is created to get you from where you are today to where to want to be in the near future. Let’s get started!