One-On-One Consultation

One-On-One Consultation

I offer compassionate, collaborative consultation around topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Managing difficult behaviors and teaching self-regulation skills
  • Managing technology in the family
  • Positive discipline and nurturing the greatness in each child
  • Sibling relationships
    Guidance regarding the process of identifying and treating learning and/or emotional difficulties
  • Negotiating relationships with schools around learning differences, special education (IEP development and implementation), and meeting children’s needs in the least restrictive environment
  • Support for parents of children experiencing anxiety, depression, anger/impulse control difficulties, etc.
  • Creating and sustaining positive sleep experiences
  • Healthy eating, picky eaters, and avoiding power struggles around food
  • Establishing age-appropriate family responsibilities/contributions as well as education regarding financial management and allowance systems
  • Guidance regarding giftedness and perfectionism
  • Transitions and adjustment to separation, grief, and loss
  • Improving the flow and feel of daily family life

One-on-One Consultation

Dr. Natinsky offers private consultation sessions for parents who are seeking support and searching for new strategies and tools to incorporate into their family lives. It is her goal that parents gain awareness, insight, and practical tools during each session.

Classes & Workshops

Dr. Natinsky enjoys teaching parents about relevant research regarding parenting. Then, she translates that research into practical techniques parent can use every day to nurture positive, connected relationships with their children.  Click here to see her upcoming offerings.


Dr. Natinsky offers presentations regarding a variety of topics. While this list contains a few popular titles, she will customize a presentation for your group (e.g., parents, teachers, community members, etc.) as well. Click here to see her presentation offerings.

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