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Frequently Asked Questions

Are consultation sessions for the whole family? Do you see our kids also?

Our sessions are for adults only, the “grown-ups” supporting their children. Most of the time parents find that our work together is enough to make significant shifts in how things feel and flow at home. Sometimes, we might decide that it would be helpful to schedule an observation (perhaps at school or at home) to gather more information. If, during our work together, I believe that your child could use some extra support, I will refer you to one of my colleagues offering such services.

How many sessions does it take to make a difference?

While there is a wide variety across family needs, a typical parent consultation process often works best if we have 4-5 sessions together to establish a solid foundation, implement some “real world” practice, and then fine-tune as needed.

Do you take insurance?

I do not accept insurance for several reasons. I believe strongly in protecting your privacy, and when working with insurance panels, I do not have control of confidential information they require to approve your treatment. In addition, insurance companies require that I submit a diagnosis of a mental disorder in order to provide coverage. Many parents with whom I work do not meet full criteria for a mental illness nor is this the focus of our work together. Because insurance companies pay part of your bill, they are also entitled to information about your sessions – the frequency, treatment plan, and other confidential details. In order to contain their costs, they are also more actively trying to dictate the treatment plan and what they determine is “medically necessary” treatment. Their ideas are often in conflict with my ideas regarding best practice. I am happy to answer any further questions you may have.

How do I schedule an initial appointment? What happens next?

To schedule an initial appointment, please visit the contact page. I offer a free 20 minute consultation phone call in order to gather some information about your needs and answer any questions you may have. This information will help me determine whether my practice is an appropriate fit for your needs. If so, we will move forward with scheduling an appointment. If not, I will provide referrals to other professionals who may be a better fit for you and your needs.

What can I expect from the first session?

During our initial session together, I will gather a full history and assess current strengths, needs, and challenges. Together, we will set the goals for our work together. This session also provides you with the opportunity to ask any questions about the practice and the consultative process in general. Our first session together will generally be a longer 80-minute session with subsequent sessions lasting 50 minutes.

What does “consultation” really mean?

Consultation is a model of providing service in which I, as the professional, work collaboratively with the consultee (you, as the parent) to solve a problem or achieve a goal regarding your relationship with your child and/or family life. Together, we will work to empower you as the parent to make the desired shifts in your relationship with your child(ren), thereby improving your family life. Another way to think about this is that I will provide indirect service to you as you provide the direct service to your child. My approach to consultation is strength-based, collaborative, and solution-oriented.

How confidential is this process?

I adhere to all state and federal laws regarding privacy and confidentiality of your information, as well as professional standards and ethics set forth by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists and the American Psychological Association. Each parent engaging in the consultative process will be asked to complete initial paperwork at the beginning of our work together that describes these practices, the relevant laws, and your rights in more detail.

How do you handle billing and payment?

Payment is due at the time the service is provided. Cash, check, and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) are accepted.

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Dr. Natinsky offers a free 20-minute consultation phone call in order to gather some information about your needs and answer any questions you may have. With this information, she can determine whether her practice is an appropriate fit for your needs. If so, you may move forward with scheduling an appointment. If not, she will provide referrals to other professionals who may be a better fit for you and your needs.

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